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A Funeral Home That Offers Great Prices

With so many day to day things to do and think about, the simplistic process offered by The Cremation Center of Birmingham can help.

If you are concerned about the level of care that you can expect from the Cremation Center of Birmingham, you can feel assured by our A+ rating and our years of service.

Financial matters have to be considered, no matter what stage of life you are at now, just “getting started,” busy families and retirees can know at $950.00, you are getting the best value from the Cremation Center of Birmingham.


A Full-Service Crematory & Funeral Home

Cremation Center of Birmingham has been serving families for several years, offering affordable prices. Having our own crematory on site allows us to cut the costs that it would take to outsource this important service. Our licensed and state-inspected facility offers 24-hour service—no prearrangements are required. We will even come to you at no extra charge within 50 miles of Birmingham, Alabama. We understand that you are going through a rough time, and we want to do whatever we can to make this process easier on you.

Our staff is here to serve, offering low-priced funeral services and cremation options that fit any budget. We include a cremation container and a shipping urn at no additional cost, and we can assist with low-priced options, such as green funerals. With our experience in the funeral home industry, we can help with:

  • The Birmingham News Obituaries
  • Death Certificates
  • A Cremation Memorial Service
  • The Funeral

A Dignified Graveside Service

Cremation Center of Birmingham can offer a ground burial for only $1950.00. This price cannot be pre-paid. However, pre-planning is always welcome. Please call or email us for further information. Our funeral home's graveside service includes:

  • Transportation from place of death
  • Basic preperation for burial

  • Basic Metal Burial Casket Included

  • A Graveside Funeral (No Visitation—Everyone Meets At the Cemetery)

Cemtery of your choice - (cemetery charges will apply. ) with 80 miles of Birmingham, AL