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Taking Care Of Your Funeral Plans Ahead Of Time

If you leave your funeral arrangements to your friends and family, it can be very stressful. Things have to be rushed at a time when emotions are already high. You don't have to worry about being a burden on your loved ones when you arrange your funeral plans ahead of time with the help of Cremation Center of Birmingham. We provide reliable service in Birmingham, Alabama, and the surrounding area.

Helpful Pre-Planning Services

Pre-planning with the Cremation Center of Birmingham is offered as a courtesy and at no risk to you. Your services are paid for when they are needed. An advance cash outlay is not required, allowing you to keep your money safe with you. All you have to do is fax, email, or mail the following forms to us:

No Obligation Is Required

You may cancel your pre-planned funeral at any time. Your family is not obligated—your funeral plans can change if needed. Cremation Center of Birmingham does not require pre-arrangements to use our services. We charge $950 for our basic cremation services, and our affordable cremation includes:

  • Basic Services Of Funeral Director & Staff
  • Permits
  • Filing State & Federal Documents
  • Crematory Fee
  • Alternative Cremation Container
  • Removal Of Deceased From Place Of Death Within 35 Miles (a Mileage Charge Will Apply After 35 Miles)
  • Refrigeration (Up To Two Days—an Additional Charge Will Apply After Two Days)
  • Temporary Plastic Urn